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I am always on the lookout for any strategy that has the potential to improve my health, and in turn, improve my productivity. When I stumbled upon inversion, I was immediately struck by its uniqueness and potentially amazing benefits for both my fitness and focus.

InversionPhoto Credit: Intamin10 via Compfight cc

Reversing gravity has a funny way of making people smile. It’s weird. It feels funny. Blood rushes to your head and your whole world flips upside down.

That’s not exactly what I picture when I am seeking to improve my fitness or ability to get work done. However, in my life, inversion has proven to be a vital tool with those exact benefits.

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Are you ready to live with more intention? This week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with Jess Lively, host of The Lively Show podcast.

An Interview with Jess LivelyPhoto Credit: Jess Lively

There are some guests who have just as much energy and passion as I do . . and then there are guests who blow me away! Jess Lively is a wildly passionate person on a mission to change the world.

This interview is full of great ideas, values, and principles that can help you live with more intention and design your life on purpose.

Listen to Episode #064


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Since the launch of my podcast I have been considering a way to bring people together — to create a space where ambitious early risers can connect and share ideas. Well, it’s finally here!

Join The 5 AM Miracle Community!Photo Credit: Jeff Sanders

As much as I love to share my own thoughts, experiences, and advice, I know that my own knowledge is just the tip of a very large iceberg. So many people, just like you, wake up every morning with enthusiasm, but they wanted a way to improve, to learn even more than what I share through my blog and podcast.

Over the last year I have received dozens of emails from people looking to connect with others, but I didn’t have anywhere for them to go, until now.

Today, I want to officially introduce to you to The 5 AM Miracle Community group on Facebook.

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I am back from my sabbatical and super excited to share a TON of new breakthroughs, ideas, and strategies. In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss the incredible importance of breathing room and boundaries.

Breathing Room and BoundariesPhoto Credit: skyseeker via Compfight cc

There is no doubt that taking time off matters a lot. The question is, have you prioritized and scheduled time off?

Today I share a few strategies I learned while slowing the pace of my life, plus I talk all about the many new breakthroughs I had and how those affect the podcast.

Listen to Episode #063


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