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Meet Jeff Sanders

#043: Habits That Actually Stick: An Interview with James Clear [Podcast]

Have you ever been really excited about starting a new habit and then frustrated a few days later when it didn’t stick? This week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast features an interview with James Clear, a master of habit formation.

Habits that Actually StickPhoto Credit: James Clear

James has successfully formed many positive and healthy habits over the years that have allowed him to build businesses, travel the world, take amazing photographs, and stay incredibly healthy.

This is a foundational episode of the podcast that you don’t want to miss.

Listen to Episode #043


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Awesome Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Pics from My First Experience

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hang upside down and get a ridiculously great workout. I didn’t plan for such an intense session of yoga, but it happened anyway.

Benefits of Aerial YogaPhoto Credit: Dr. Brooks Tiller at Beyond Wings

The benefits of aerial yoga shocked me. I expected an easier version of traditional yoga — what I got was anything but.

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#042: Why Amateurs Fail and How to Turn Pro [Podcast]

It’s totally normal to be an amateur, but who wants to stay there forever? In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I reveal why amateurs fail and how to turn pro.

Why Amateurs Fail and How to Turn ProPhoto Credit: szeke via Compfight cc

A year ago I had a conversion experience, of sorts. I read an incredible book, made a few key decisions, and set off to create a new life for myself — one based on professionalism.

This is how I went pro and how you can do the exact same thing, possibly even easier and faster than I did.

Listen to Episode #042


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Why Green Tea is Better Than Coffee for Daily Energy and Productivity

Let’s get real: I love caffeine. In the last few years I have been in a love/hate relationship with stimulants, and espresso is still my preferred morning beverage.

Green Tea Rocks!Photo Credit: DaveFayram via Compfight cc

However, I have recently discovered that green tea is better than coffee in many situations. As a productivity junky, I am always on the lookout for habits and strategies that can boost my energy and optimize my systems.

It’s now official, I am obsessed with green tea and I think you will be too.

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Ooooh Yeah! Super Quick Survey Time!

What are you biggest goals right now? I want to know, for real. I am in the process of putting together a few helpful (and hopefully amazing) blog posts, podcast episodes, and fancy products to help you achieve your grandest goals.

Click this pic!Photo Credit: Jeff Sanders

The survey is totally anonymous and there are only 3 questions. I’m serious when I say I want to know about you, so if three questions isn’t enough, email me and spill you guts. I’m listening.

Click here to take the super quick survey.

This survey is the same as the New Welcome Survey that all new members of The 5 AM Club will be receiving. If you signed up in the last week or so, you may have already completed this survey.

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Are you in need of some well-deserved time off? Yeah, me too. In this week’s episode of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast I discuss the work hard play hard formula. This is how to be more productive AND carve out more time just for fun!

The Work Hard Play Hard FormulaPhoto Credit: spDuchamp via Compfight cc

If there is one thing we all need, it’s more time off. I know what you’re going to say, “But Jeff, what I really need is to be more productive! How can I get more done if I’m not working?!

Have no fear. Today I’ll dive into the details and show you how you can have both.

Listen to Episode #041


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The One Thing That Must Happen for Your Day to be Freakin’ Awesome!

I studied theatre in college. Like many young actors I was confident on stage, but I had a few skeletons in my closet. One common theme in my acting classes was that every professor would ask us to be vulnerable.

stepPhoto Credit: mugley via Compfight cc

Specifically, there was one day in my Acting III class where my teacher asked each student to sit in a chair in front of the class and reveal something deeply personal.

The goal was trust. We were opening up our souls to a combination of old friends and total strangers.

To this day, that was one of the scariest moments of my entire life. Scarier than proposing to my wife. Scarier than skydiving.

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