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Why You Should Be Using Nozbe for Task Management

Nozbe is the best task management system for personal productivity. If you like the GTD system – or you simply want to get more done every day – try this.

Nozbe - GTD Productivity
Photo Credit: Nozbe

I recently wrote a post about how I use Evernote for my notes and Apple’s Reminders App for daily productivity. Well, I have been converted. Nozbe is now my system of choice in place of Reminders and I will explain why.

Nozbe for Task Management

Whether you use Nozbe, Reminders, Wunderlist, Asana, or any other system – you need a task manager. There is no doubt that my productivity has skyrocketed since I began experimenting with and implementing various task manager apps into my daily life.

If you attempt to rely on your brain to remember your to-do items, or you are still sporting an old-school paper calendar, I believe you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Paperless is Key

I wrote a post last year about my switch to a paperless lifestyle. However, when I ditched physical paper I did not make a full transition. I left task management to my calendar and random post-it notes strung all over my house, desk, car, wallet, bathroom, and anywhere else a post-it could go.

A few months ago I finally brought my system full-circle by completely letting go of all paper, including post-it notes, and let the digital cloud do all my heavy lifting.

Empty Your Brain

In my world today I have endless ideas and energy due to my diet, exercise routine, and early morning wake-up calls. However, the real productivity transformation occurred when I decided to filter all of my thoughts through a digital system and then focus on my current, high-priority tasks.

Your productivity is only as good as your ability to follow a system. When you empty your brain by recording all of your thoughts in the cloud, you have the comfort of knowing the information won’t be lost.

Your mind is then free to brainstorm, dream, and create.

Why I Use Nozbe

I give credit to Michael Hyatt for convincing me to switch to Nozbe. He is the most productive man I know and his life is based in this powerful productivity tool.

  1. Available on All Platforms ::: This is my most important criteria when selecting anything. Nozbe is available on the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and web browsers.
  2. Based in the GTD System ::: If you are a fan of David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, you will love how Nozbe has synchronized their software to match the GTD System. It’s nearly flawless.
  3. Easy to Navigate ::: In less than an hour you will likely master the entire Nozbe platform. It doesn’t take long to understand what to do or how to do it. Transitioning from another system is very straightforward.
  4. Safe & Secure ::: Like most platforms based in the cloud, your information is protected and you can be rest assured that the information you synchronize with their servers will not be lost.
  5. Syncs with Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Calendar ::: This was a big draw for me. I love Evernote and having the inclusion of third-party apps built in to Nozbe is a huge plus.
  6. Updated Frequently ::: Though Nozbe is not perfect, the technical team frequently updates the system and takes feedback seriously. If you don’t love Nozbe now, you probably will very soon.
  7. More Powerful Than Free Systems ::: You really do get what you pay for. I wanted to love Wunderlist and Reminders, but they don’t offer what Nozbe does.
Try it Out for Free

Nozbe offers a free account that works well for people who just want to try out the system on a small-scale. I did this for a year before I finally dove in and upgraded to the paid version.

Fortunately, the personal premium account is affordable and, in my opinion, easily worth every penny. Also, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you really can just experiment with it for a while.

I will note that I place a high value on getting things done, so I am willing to pay big bucks if the results are there.

With Nozbe, you won’t have to pay a high premium and the results will speak for themselves in your own daily achievements.

My recommendation? Give it a try. I think you will love it.

Question: What is your favorite task manager? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • braincutlery

    Hi Jeff,

    I enjoyed your article and I also appreciate many of the things you’ve highlighted about Nozbe, such as the cross-platform aspect and the alignment with GTD.

    I’m curious as to what you base your assessment of “safe and secure” on? I’m not aware that Nozbe is any more or less secure than any other solution out there on the market…it would be interesting to hear what it is you think makes Nozbe “secure”.

    I’d also respectfully suggest that you make it clear in your article that your Nozbe link is an affiliate link.



    • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      Hi Darren, thanks for the great comment!

      Like I said in the post, Nozbe is safe and secure in the same way that Dropbox, Facebook, or Google is safe. To my knowledge, Nozbe is not more or less secure than any of these services.

      As for the affiliate link, I don’t advertise which links are affiliates on my site, though I do have a “Disclosure of Material Connection” on every post. I don’t blatantly disclose every link because my integrity is on the line. If my readers don’t trust that I would recommend high-quality products, then they don’t read my blog for long.

      I only recommend products and services I believe in and I hope that you would find my recommendations to be genuine and helpful.

      Also, I personally use Nozbe all day, every day and I love it! I really do believe that anyone looking for a personal productivity solution would love Nozbe as well.

      • Bilbomac

        Do you use the new 2013 version of Nozbe or the previous version? i’m curious because I’m trying to implement Nozbe with the GTD modifications recommended by priacta.com and they suggest some issues with the new version. BTW – Just found your site and look forward to getting your perspectives.

        • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

          Yes, I use the newest version. I’m not sure what issues exist in the new version in terms of GTD inclusion. I have noticed it’s a little glitchy, but nothing too annoying.

          • Bilbomac

            It has no way to see a list of “unprocessed” tasks. I tend to put a bunch of quick tasks into the system and then go back to “process” them. On the plus side, there is a new filter feature and an option for tag “Not Set,” so you can now view an Unprocessed list in the New Nozbe.
            -· Access the Unprocessed task by clicking on the funnel icon (bottom left of screen) then select “not Set.”

          • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

            Very handy! Thanks for the tip.

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  • Richard Low

    I can’t leave my OmniFocus, even though its keeping me an Apple user. I just love it too much, it’s my favorite GTD app by far.

    • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      I have heard a lot of great things about OmniFocus, especially recently. I will have to give it another serious look.

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  • Josh

    You mention that you sync Evernote with Nozbe. I was curious where you learned to do this on the new system.

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  • Niki Klem

    Hi Jeff – Consider me new to this world so I don’t know what’s available, but I am looking for an app that I can build in reminders throughout the day for tasks that I want to do more consistently such as: I’d like to get 5 pushups in 5x a day – will Nozbe provide daily reminders like that (vibrate only – no alarms!) as well as task management?

    • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      Great question Niki! No, Nozbe does not have a great built-in reminder system with alerts. Nozbe is better for creating a task list and checking off the boxes as you move through the day.

      You can create alerts on a desktop computer with Outlook on a PC or Apple Mail that can be assigned very specific times of the day with pop-ups on your screen. These alerts will also carry over to your phone, if you have those apps installed with the notifications features turned on.

      For example, you could use iCal on a Mac and then synchronize those reminders with your iPhone and get vibrating alerts throughout the day.

    • Stephanie O’Handley

      Hey Niki! Have you ever tried the app Any.Do? It’s very simple and easy to use, plus has a great Reminder feature.

  • Jen Thomas

    Hi Jeff. Have you tried 2Do? How does Nozbe compare? I’m quite the 2Do junkie but have run into issues with sync between my Mac and iPhone.

    • http://jeffsanders.com/ Jeff Sanders

      Hey Jen, sorry for the late reply. I just got back from vacation. I have never tried 2Do. Is it based on GTD or is it simply a task manager?

      • Jen Thomas

        I *think* it’s based on GTD, but I’m not certain. 2doapp.com

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