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The 5 AM Miracle Podcast

The 5am Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders

Dedicated to Dominating Your Day Before Breakfast

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The 5am Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders

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Podcast Archive

# Title Released
043 Habits That Actually Stick: An Interview with James Clear 04/21/2014
042 Why Amateurs Fail and How to Turn Pro 04/14/2014
041 The Work Hard Play Hard Formula: Get More Done AND Have More Fun 04/07/2014
040 Equilibrium Zero: Cut the Clutter in Every Area of Life 03/31/2014
039 The Best Daily Rituals for High Energy and Rockin’ Productivity 03/24/2014
038 The Weekly Review Checklist: Never Forget Anything Again 03/17/2014
037 Health Benefits of Kombucha and How to Brew it at Home 03/10/2014
036 YOGAmazing: An Interview with Chaz Rough 03/03/2014
035 Running at Sunrise: How to Train for Your First Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5k 02/24/2014
034 Are You Living or Existing? An Interview with Kimanzi Constable 02/17/2014
033 Listener Q&A: Bananas, Books, and Being Productive Without Sleep 02/10/2014
032 Graduated and Clueless: How to Live with Purpose After College 02/03/2014
031 Why 25-Year Plans are Worthless and How to Design Your Life Without One 01/27/2014
030 12 Astounding Reasons to Eat More Bananas Every Single Day 01/20/2014
029 Kick Ass Parenting: An Interview with Michael Mataluni 01/13/2014
028 Burst Training: The Best Workout for Busy People 01/06/2014
027 Service and Selflessness at Work: An Interview with August Turak 12/30/2013
026 The Functional Juice Feast: A Practical Guide to Superior Health 12/23/2013
025 The Art of Manliness: An Interview with Brett McKay 12/16/2013
024 How to Effectively Plan and Execute Audacious Goals for the New Year 12/9/2013
023 Entrepreneur on Fire: An Interview with John Lee Dumas 12/2/2013
022 Productivity and Marriage: An Interview with My Wife, Tessa 11/25/2013
021 Record Shattering Health & Fitness: An Interview with Rich Roll 11/18/2013
020 The Podcast Answer Man: An Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft 11/11/2013
019 Successful Before Breakfast: An Interview with Laura Vanderkam 11/04/2013
018 Extreme Hiking: An Interview with Jennifer Pharr Davis 10/28/2013
017 Breakfast of Champions: Create Your Own Super Star Smoothie 10/21/2013
016 No Meat Athlete: An Interview with Matt Frazier 10/14/2013
015 Wisdom Meets Passion: An Interview with Dan Miller 10/07/2013
014 The Unparalleled Triple Threat of Getting Things Done 09/30/2013
013 Die Empty: An Interview with Todd Henry 09/23/2013
012 Slowing Down: An Interview with Jeff Goins 09/16/2013
011 Profitable Habits: An Interview with Ray Edwards 09/09/2013
010 Innovating the Written Word: An Interview with Matt Gartland 09/02/2013
009 Beyond the To-Do List: An Interview with Erik Fisher 08/26/2013
008 Plant-Based Marathon Running: An Interview with P.J. Murphy 08/19/2013
007 Running Your First Ironman Triathlon: An Interview with Tom Parling 08/12/2013
006 Super Spiritual Productivity: An Interview with Bill Todd 08/05/2013
005 3 Habits to Adopt for a Powerful Morning Ritual 07/29/2013
004 Why I Never Sit Down and the Magic of a Standing Desk 07/22/2013
003 Sexy Habits and Stellar Health: An Interview with Susan Levin, PCRM 07/15/2013
002 5 Strategies to Become Your Own Personal Development Guru 07/08/2013
001 7 Benefits of Starting Your Day Bright and Early 07/01/2013

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Great Way to Begin My Week
“At only two episodes in, Jeff sounds like he’s been behind the mic for quite a while. Glad to see him take the blog and grow it into a podcast. It’s a natural fit and I look forward to more from him.

- Jeff Brown, host of the Read to Lead Podcast

Love it!
“I LOVE your podcast, and am really excited to get more involved with your mission! Please, please keep putting out content. . . I’ve been catching up on them on my train ride in to work every morning, and have listened to most of them twice now. Thank you so much for doing this!

- Emily

“I have enjoyed the 1st 2 podcasts. They are inspirational. Knowing Jeff personally, he is unlike the others. He talks the talk but he also walks the walk, which is so refreshing. I highly recommend this podcast.

- LauraBLmt

So far . . . GREAT!
“I’ve heard some of this before but I need to hear it again and I really like the way he presents it. I am super glad that he’s interviewing a PCRM person too . . that stuff is near and dear to my heart. So far, he’s helped me turn my crappy, frustrating work day around to something that feels much better and focused. I’m eager for more episodes!

- Calonstanni

Really Enjoyable and Informative :)
“Jeff does a great job of inspiring and motivating me. I have heard Susan Levin interviewed before but he did an excellent job of getting her to open up and share some really useful health tips she uses in her own life. Great Job Jeff and keep the episodes coming!

- veganangel

Wow . . . so Inspiring!
“Thank you, Jeff, for this awesome podcast! You’ve just earned yourself a new subscriber, and I will be telling my friends about it as well. I love your energy – it’s contagious, and just by listening to you, I am already inspired to start changing my ways in the direction of an early-morning lifestyle . . .

- Sianatra

Really Uplifting!
“I’m also a personal development junkie, and do workshops on overcoming resistance. I’m working on becoming more of a “morning person” – I do know the benefits, but like so many other things, it’s about getting yourself to actually DO the things you know are good for you. This podcast helps; thanks, Jeff.

- TomHarrisZn

Great Podcast.
“Jeff, you’re doing a great job. I really enjoy your podcast. It made me realize how great it is to wake up bright and early. Keep up the good work!

- ItsMeDave

Nice Job Jeff!
“Good clear exposition of why we all need to do the Ben Franklin thing — you know, early to bed and early to rise makes a man (and a woman) healthy, wealthy, and wise.

- c.j.perry

A Fresh Start.
“A great podcast with so many things I have been wanting to do right. Why not give it all a fresh start with a great guide? This show is really gonna take off! @5am

- The Oshow

“Never listened to podcasts. Jeff is my first, and hit everything perfectly. Love this! Can’t wait for Mondays now!

- Hafer9999999

Go Bananas!
“Very much enjoying this podcast and cannot wait to hear about the secret behind eating all those bananas! :)

- clearplay

Very Useful!
“This is a great podcast. Jeff is a great presenter, and is filled with really useful and motivating information.

- Bryan286

Great Motivation!
“Just started listening & I’m a big fan! I enjoy hearing discussion that reminds me of healthy habits & keeps me motivated! Keep up the good work!

- Cedar Rapids listener

Anytime Motivation.
“This show is great to listen to anytime of the day. It’s informative, uplifting, and entertaining. While I am not quite yet a morning person, listening to this podcast on my way to work gives me a positive outlook on my entire day! Highly recommend anyone debating to listen to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

- Larryknows

Great Advice!
“Thank you for your great podcast Jeff. The advice about wearing a light when you run in the dark was incredibly helpful. Never occurred to me that you could even do that. Love the podcast!

- Skybird and Bluebird

“Jeff sounds like he’s done this before. This show doesn’t have that “first 30 episodes growing pain” thing going on. His show sounds very professional and his advice is inspiring. Really enjoying it right from episode one.

- Dmann88

Positive Outlook
“Jeff I have to say that your podcast is absolutley wonderful. I know that this podcast has challenged me to reconsider my thinking on how I conduct my day to day living. I am now a believer in living my day intentionally and with purpose. I have met the AM with a positive attitude and much appreciation; this then causes me to meet my minimum daily behaviors. The people you interview and the questions you ask are very insightful. If you are interested in listening to this podcast just give it a shot! The positivity from this podcast is going to catch on like a ‘good’ habit.

- Kmkallal

Great New Podcast
“Can’t wait to get into this more. Have been wanting to start my day earlier and better for quite a while now.

- Butro78

Informative and Fun!
“Very helpful. Guests who are interviewed are excellent. Great info!

- Troubled Sleeper, AZ

The Episode with Erik Fisher
“is chock full of goodness. (I was a subscriber before I was a guest.)

- Bill Todd, host of the Red Backpack Podcast

The Best Thing About This Podcast Is . . .
“. . . because it’s a podcast, you don’t have to listen to it at 5 am! I’m a not-no-early-riser, even though when I do get out of bed, it’s 5 am somewhere.

All joking aside, the best thing about this podcast is that it is so positive and encouraging, and extremely genuine. His unique view on all things personal, whether self-image, diet, or productivity, is a refreshing contribution to contemporary media, which so often focuses on negativity.

Jeff has a knack for making the mundane inspiring and finding encouragement in all novelties of life. Jeff’s passion and dedication to his philosophy is apparent through the warmth and animation that Jeff communicates in each podcast. Thanks, Jeff! Can’t wait to hear more.

- Jeff Sanders for President

Very Good
“Keep up the great work, Jeff! Valuable nuggets of stuff you can apply right away in every episode.

- Jmarine307

Great Listen
“This was an excellent interview. Loved the content. Jeff does a nice job allowing the guest to fully answer questions while feeling comfortable with the process. Thanks.

- Paul Vandermill

Awesome Job Jeff on #1 Business Podcast
“I can still remember the night you called home from Boston to thank us for the best we ever gave you…..Dave Ramsey’s financial fitness book. Wow, what a spark that book was for you. Lifestyle changes, 3 books, blog and now this great podcast. We are inspired with your dive to educate others to a more productive and healthy life and in the process are learning from our son. Thank you and keep inspiring others…M&D

- m&dsanders

Terrific Find for My Walks
“This sort of picks up where “Fit to Fat” seems to have left off. They both are terrific shows.

- Arating

Great Show!
“This show has inspired me to get up early and start my day with a plan!

- Wes11111111111111111

Great Show!!!
“Thanks for the great info!

- aback221


- bakalakadurkaduka

Great Start of the Day!
“I’ve only been listening to Jeff’s podcast for a week and I’ve already changed some bad habits! Like starting my day with this!

- JOV777

I’m Waking Up Early Again!
“LOVE THIS GUY! He’s real and he REALLY wants to help people! I’m a nutritionist and a personal trainer to it’s been easy to slip out of my routine. I’m waking up early to take care of me! THANKS! Elsa from Her Fit Lifestyle!

- Trigirlnpink

Protein Fiber Filled Guzzle
“As a relative newbie to the growing lifestyle management marketing field this is a fantastic find and worthy top listen. I like that he switches from having awesome guests to providing his own punch for the day. I personally enjoy the music.

The reminders and new tidbits on nutrition, personal growth, productivity, fitness, and healthy habit formation are all fantastic ingredients for creating and maintaining an energetic mindset.

As an added bonus, the show notes and Jeff Sanders’ “Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast” website is well organized and easily accessible. His commitment to meet the audience needs while staying true to his core values combined with his personal passion and energy makes this a must listen.

- scrappydcherie

Love it!
“Great interviews. Motivational.

- Tammi Lorraine

My Favorite Podcast
“Always interesting and inspiring.

- Dustin Radford

First Podcast I Ever Listened To
“I just recently started getting into podcast a few weeks ago and Jeff’s was the first I listened to. I immediately was drawn into his persona and have subsequently become a fan. I just subscribed to the website and definitely need to work on getting up early. Thanks Jeff and keep up the good work!

- nfourman

Not a Vegan But I Like Him
“I really enjoy listening to this guy. His interviews are useful, his tips are good, and he’s easy to listen to. He likes to talk about a plant based health routine but he doesn’t force it down your throat. Very enjoyable and worth the time to listen.

- BigBen808

Great Show
“Heard about Jeff while listening to another podcast. Downloaded all the back episodes and have listened to 7 since last night. I must say, my 5am prayer walk was amazing this morning! Looking forward to making this show a regular part of my life! Feeling motivated already. (May even eat 3 bananas today!!!! Lol)

- Church boy77

Love It
“Great info, Jeff is easy to listen to and I am starting to eat more bananas and feel great.

- o.mikeRI

Helping Me to Change My Life
“Started listening last week, and you’ve inspired me to truly take ownership of my life. I now live with a little more purpose each day. I really like how you try to find out what habits and strategies work best for the people that come on your show. It really shows that you’re not just out to push only your methods but are actually just trying to grow and learn like the rest of us. Thanks Jeff!

- Bnrjamz